I say it all the time (but I’m saying it again today, because A LOT of folks are in the process of up-levelling and sitting with discomfort right now):

IF WE STAY COMMITTED TO AVOIDING DISCOMFORT, WE STAY STUCK in old patterns, we LET FEAR WIN, and we simply CAN’T MOVE FORWARD in claiming the life we truly desire. Period. #goodbadnews

I love my clients (fiercely!) by NOT feeding the bullshit stories, NOT providing fertile ground for fear to thrive, and by holding an unwavering vision of them as their most courageously badass and expansive selves moving THROUGH their fears and self-limiting patterns to create lives of abundance, magic, and fulfillment. I hold the belief that us humans are capable of forming a more healthy relationship with fear, gaining empowerment by meeting discomfort head on, and getting to the other side of whatever has been keeping us small.

Here’s the thing, I will not give up on YOU. . . that’s easy for me to say and believe, but that’s not the most important thing.

The most important question is: Can YOU commit to not giving up on YOU on YOUR path of transformation and expansion?. . . even when it’s scary and uncomfortable? Even when you really want to run back to your comfort zone (you know, the one that wasn’t really all that comfortable?) Even when you feel like you’re building the airplane as you’re flying it?

The thing is, not only can discomfort be the price of admission in stepping toward your most magically badass life of lived truth, but I also bet it has some special wisdom to drop.

You don’t have to live in the land of discomfort (I mean, we’re definitely going for more pleasure, joy, and alignment in life, right?!), but you probably DO need to gather up enough courage, compassion, and curiosity to sit down with it and see what it has to say. . . allow it to BE, rather than trying to outrun it and see what happens.

Leaning into fear and discomfort with an intention to learn something, instead of trying to outrun it, might the very thing you need to create the space, clarity, authentic relief that you’ve been looking for.

You ready? Your most magically badass life is waiting for you. . .

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