THIS is an authentic picture of my daily life + heart-centered hustle… still in my pjs, drinking the most interesting non-caffeinated bevy I can conjure, answering emails and sitting at my computer writing a guest blog post on the enneagram for a dear friend’s new community, trying not to think about the laundry I need to do or bed I need to make, while listening to my son in the other room online doing some version of 6th grade.

I know that us growthy entrepreneurs tend to show up all sparkly on social media, but I think it’s important that I remember to also show you the realness… because more than anything the eventual sparkle comes from the culmination of countless moments of commitment to the the life purpose/ mission that chose us.

The commitment part of magic-making often looks less than glam, but it’s an essential ingredient for bringing our unique sparkle to the world. And I commit daily to finding a way to honor my purpose… AND the less than convenient needs of my human-ness.

It’s a tricky balance, but finding the sweet spot between the two is what makes heart-centered hustle sustainable… and for me it often looks like a mix of sacred rebellion and unapologetic nurturing.
How do YOU walk the line between the two?