Let’s get RADICAL! (read on to learn more!)

It's here! I FINALLY get to start shouting from the mountaintops about my new RADICAL program! Squeeee! Wait. What? Radical, Meghan? Are you going all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on me? Nope. Although, I appreciate the flashback to the TMNT days when pizza eating...

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How’s Your Racism Going?

Happy March, Loves! That spring energy is starting to peek out and we're moving out of the stillness and introversion of the winter toward the action and newness of Spring!  We also just closed out Black history month and are moving into Women's history month. As with...

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The Magic of Living a Non-Linear Life

At the end of January I took a week to unplug and had the great opportunity to do it in a magical place with surreal blue water, quiet and very few people. (I'm officially madly in love with the nature and people of Cat Island...

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Ennea-LOVE!! Shared wisdom from my longtime love affair with the Enneagram Note: This blog post initially posted in The Garden of Belonging, an online community for womxn to connect and reclaim a sense of sacred wholeness, hosted by my friend a fellow coach Kim...

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A Dose of Realness

THIS is an authentic picture of my daily life + heart-centered hustle... still in my pjs, drinking the most interesting non-caffeinated bevy I can conjure, answering emails and sitting at my computer writing a guest blog post on the enneagram for a dear friend’s new...

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Alignment & Empowerment Coach

I'm a coach, mom, intuitive empath, dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

PHONE: 828-337-9361