Letting Go + Finding “HOME”

This is my “moving week” face (boxes! Boxes! Boxes!) This past weekend I moved out of “Miss Michigan”, the home that has housed the last 5 years of massive life renovation. This home has been my place to ground and recover from the many brave and humbling adventures...

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Meeting Discomfort Like a Boss to Create a Life of Magic

I say it all the time (but I'm saying it again today, because A LOT of folks are in the process of up-levelling and sitting with discomfort right now): IF WE STAY COMMITTED TO AVOIDING DISCOMFORT, WE STAY STUCK in old patterns, we LET FEAR WIN, and we simply CAN'T...

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The Power of JOY

In spite of “being the responsible one”, trying to force things into existence, anticipate possible problems and taking myself entirely too seriously for the vast majority of my life, I have come to believe that authentic JOY may be the most magical, powerful and...

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The True Essence of Conscious Relationship

I had done a LOT of personal and spiritual “work” before meeting my husband, and our connection has had an undeniably magical flavor from the beginning. . . AND conscious relationship always comes with healing intentions, so in the midst of the magic, there are...

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Happy Love Week!

I used to dread Valentine’s Day. For much of my life I felt out of the loop and disconnected from the magic of romantic love, so when V-day rolled around it just seemed to underline and highlight that sense of lack. I was always good at being the “friend” while...

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Holistic Life Leadership Coach

I'm a holistic life leadership coach, mom, intuitive empath, hip hop dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

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