Courage is the price of admission for a life of magic, folks. There’s no way around it. Playing it “safe” just signs us up for more of the same ole shit we know… over and aver again. Avoiding fear = a bold beige life.

Want to upgrade your life in some area… Or ALL of the areas?! Ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t scared to fail, face judgment, or stand in uncertainty. Ask the question and then give space to see what floats up. THAT voice is your guide.

When we are motivated by true purpose, alignment, and passion we make space for magic. When we are motivated by fear. . . well, we stay the same (after all, it’s fear’s job to make sure we don’t take any risks).

Here’s the thing – You don’t have to act on every invitation to be brave, but learning to honor and listen to your most courageous voice instead of avoiding it or letting fear run the show is a game changer… that brave voice will be patient, but it desperately wants to guide you through the alchemy of discomfort toward your most fabulously divine life… and don’t you think magic is worth slaying a little fear???

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