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19 Zillicoa St.
Asheville NC 28801

My office is located in Montford on the 3rd floor of the historic Homewood castle (at Epione Clinic for Integrated Healing). 


When you arrive take the driveway access to the parking lot in the rear of the building. From that side, enter the door marked “19 Zillicoa West entrance.” Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and have a seat in the waiting area. I’ll come out to meet you at our scheduled appointment time.



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Holistic Life Leadership Coach

I'm a holistic life leadership coach, mom, intuitive empath, hip hop dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

PHONE: 828-337-9361