Happy Venus Retrograde Season, Loves!

I’ve been feeling some serious invitations for relationship upgrades in the collective for the past couple of weeks, and as of today Venus officially kicks off her journey! (#goodbadnews) I’m no astrology expert, but from what I can tell (and what I’ve researched) Venus retrograde is all about inviting deep assessment of our overall level of satisfaction, pleasure, and alignment in relationships, ESPECIALLY our most central ones. Now, for any of you who aren’t new to the relationship growth game, you know that upgrade is often code for “divinely created messes and discomfort that help us see what we’ve been ignoring, blind to, or avoiding” because only when we see what ISN’T working can we make different CHOICES to truly CHANGE.

So, the way this often works is that a retrograde season stirs things up (like stirring the bottom of a pond) so that we can see what’s been hidden. In phase one we are confronted with seeing what we need to see in order to evolve. . . and then (strap in). . .  phase two is where courage comes in. In phase two, we are called to actively transform that new awareness into lived experience. Yep. We’re being called forth ,maybe downright jolted, jerked and yanked, right out of our comfort zones in service of creating the lives and relationships we say we most desire.

It’s our opportunity to say YES to moving forward in the way we CHOOSE to instead of the ways we’ve LEARNED to. 

So as you’re navigating your own version of upgrades over the next several weeks (because Venus isn’t the only planet shaking things up), I invite you to embrace them with the most compassionate and curious approach possible. My own journey of growth has taught me that the more I can curiously embrace what seems to be happening TO ME, I can see (especially in hindsight) how the messy periods of “stirring up” are actually happening very much FOR ME. It doesn’t make things more comfortable or less messy, but it certainly helps me trust the “ick” when it rolls through. . . because I now believe that something magical becomes possible on the other side if I stay with it and grow from it.

We’re in a massive collective upgrade right now, and the more you can say YES to the invitations that support greater alignment with your highest visions (as humbling or intimidating as they may be) , the more magic you will invite in. Real. Lived. Magic.

Stay strong, Loves. Magic is brewing. . .

Check out the energy update on my YouTube channel HERE for more support with the current theme of “Relationship Upgrades.”

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