It rained ALL day, but the womxn who courageously showed up yesterday with their WHOLE, open and vulnerable selves for the Emodied Boundaries Equine workshop co-created some serious magic!

It’s a heart-opening and deeply moving experience to see long-standing disempowering patterns acknowledged and challenged in service of CHOOSING a new way. THAT is how we change our lives… and the world. It’s uncomfortable, scary, and overwhelming AND it truly is the price of admission for creating a new chapter… and these womxn did the damn thing!
I’m always humbled to support this process of transformation, and was SO grateful to be able to hold space for the secret sauce that in-person group work brings (I’ve missed it!).
We are all unique individuals, but in intimate groups we remember that we’re more similar than different… and THAT sense of connection is healing on sooooo many levels.