Happy Fall, Loves!

I continue to be amazed at how much our inner world mirrors the outer. I don’t know about you, but as I’ve seen trees begin to shift, change, and drop leaves, I’ve also seen many of us humans receive strong invitations to drop things that no longer serve us (old stories, relationships we’ve outgrown, outdated ways of being, etc.) This “dropping” often comes through some pretty uncomfortable realizations, situations, inconvenient truths, and other necessary “hazards” of our continued evolution). You see, trees drop leaves so that more energy can go inward, strengthening the core and roots in preparation for the quiet, stillness, and inner growth that happens in the winter months, and just like them, WE are now invited to drop those things that are no longer in alignment so that we can call our energy back home to ready ourselves for the next chapter.

I like to look to nature during times of deep transformation, because it reminds me that they don’t make up stories about how they “should hold onto the same leaves forever” or “how sad it is that the leaves are changing and falling.” It just is a natural cycle in the cycle of growth and life.

So I invite you all to find a place to observe and connect with the trees and falling leaves and ask yourself the following. . .

What wants to be released? 
Just because we find comfort in the familiarity of certain ways of thinking, believing, and relating in the world, doesn’t mean that we should grip onto those things more tightly (although we do so often, don’t we?!). Often a courageous release, unclenching of hands, and leap into the unknown invites in magical possibility. After all, you can’t easily accept a gift with a clenched fist.

When I release some of those things, what would I like to invite into that newfound space? 
What do I long to have, experience, feel, or believe? THIS is the dream space! Don’t worry about the “how?” just get still and let your brain fantasize about your best possible life and  most fullfilling relationships (both with your Self and with others). Remember that manifesting and living deeper into YOUR life and YOUR truth can be fun, enjoyable, and playful! Transformation doesn’t have to be all serious and heavy all of the time!

Most of the time we limit ourselves by only thinking about what feels practical + possible (we play it safe to avoid a sense of failure). . . but the thing is, there is SO much more possible that we can explore in the safe zone!! Dream, dream, dream!! This expands the capacity for abundant possibility.

Meditation idea: Create a movie in your mind of the most magical possibilities – there really is no downside to dreaming big. Engage ALL of your senses in this 4-D movie – sights, sounds, smells, tastes, etc. Let it be the most juicy movie evaaaaa! I’m hanging out with Beyonce and Oprah, hosting retreats next to warm blue waters, and enjoying ease and inspiration at the very same time in mine. How about you?? 

What do I need to give back in order to move forward? 
Sometimes it’s hard to move forward because we feel weighed down. Sometimes those leaves are actually not all our “stuff.” We learn our programming and beliefs through dominant culture, through family systems and generational patterns, and through very resourcefully created patterns of protection that feel like they create safety (but they’re often only protecting our egos.) So I ask you, who’s expectations of success, relationship, and “ok-ness” would you like to give back? Who’s fears? Who’s limiting beliefs? You see, when we lovingly and firmly give these things back through intention and energetic practice, we lighten our load and free up ourselves to move forward and find a new way… and to explore beautiful possibilities.

*See my guided meditation video below to practice this. 

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