Happy March, Loves!

That spring energy is starting to peek out and we’re moving out of the stillness and introversion of the winter toward the action and newness of Spring! 

We also just closed out Black history month and are moving into Women’s history month. As with any transition, it’s important to reflect and see where we’ve been and where we want to go. I don’t know about you, but I’m 41, started unpacking this stuff in middle school at “Camp Anytown” (a diversity camp), and I can’t see any end in sight to untangling my own embodied racism + patriarchy! It’s nice to have months that bring added focus + intentionality, but y’all, the real practice of untangling + rebelling against systems of oppression is every day. . . of EVERY month! Unconscious programming runs deep, so we need to show up for our process of individual and collective liberation daily.  

One of the things I believe is that with this ongoing untangling, it works best when done in relationship + diverse community. We grow through understanding others. We grow through the reflections that others are able to offer to us. And we grow in spaces that are rooted in connection, community and curiosity. 

THAT is why I created the Sacred Rebellion Collective and THAT is why I am so passionate about bringing people together to grow, transform, and expand in groups. Groups illuminate blindspots and amplify real deal change! (not just the idealistic, surface level, pretend-y flavor of change)

For the past several months I’ve been over here “wintering”, introverting, and quietly exploring ideas of how to support our collective call to shift to more heart-centered paradigms and am SO excited about our first Sacred Rebellion Collective Live Community Gathering with my friend and fellow heart-centered paradigm shifter, Nina Everflow!

Nina’s company, Everflow Consulting is an instructional design firm, supporting soulful womxn entrepreneurs in demonstrating their inclusion and equity values through human-centered virtual learning events, courses and memberships. Nina’s primary offering is a growing membership called the Inclusive reDesign Collective. It combines practical anti-racist training with tangible instructional design strategies to ensure ones’ facilitation, activities and platforms center an inclusive experience for all humans. She is brilliant and holds heart-centered spaces for people to move toward greater understanding, connection and wholeness.   

This gathering is NOT going to be one of “teaching you how not to be racist” (there’s no perfect playbook for that), shaming you for being racist (because you inevitably are if you’re living in this culture), or guilting you for not knowing better yet (we can’t do better until we know better). 

So what is it?

This gathering IS going to be an opportunity for you to gather with fellow humans in a space of love + intention to deepen understanding, to be seen, and to grow. . . TOGETHER. 

I’m over cancel culture and woke-shaming, and I’m invested in letting some fierce love pave the way toward active change. 

THAT is how we heal this hot mess we’re in.

You in? 

Get the deets and snag a spot by clicking HERE!

I’d love for you to join us, and am looking forward to some sacred rebellion, to building community and to doing some seriously paradigm-shifting “humaning” together!