Last week I was talking with a client about boundaries, intentions, and starting a new chapter in her life and I said, “You’re homework is to Marie Condo the shit outta your life! Anything that isn’t relevant, aligned with who you are now, or serving your intentional becoming has to go. . . I’m talking about “stuff” – reminders of the old self that don’t serve, but I’m also talking about beliefs, old identities, stories, etc that you’ve carried. This is a NEW chapter, and you have the power to decide what stays and what comes along with you.”⁠

I’ve noticed that when people are navigating growth and transformation, their natural tendency is to hold tightly to the old (often unconsciously) while expecting their new life and new chosen way of being to easefully flow in. . . but it CAN’T without creating space for it, which means some SHIT HAS GOT TO GO to make space for the new! ⁠

It’s time to clean out our metaphorical basements, loves. We can’t be who we were AND who we desire to become without some reshuffling and releasing. It’s like we think that our “basements” have unlimited capacity to fit more in it if we just keep shoving shit to the back where we can’t see it anymore – it doesn’t work. It spills out and our fancy new whatever is left out in the rain.⁠

What would it look like if you went through your life and literally or energetically released those things that are holding you in the past? ⁠

It’s time to make some space. . . even if it means looking at some things we wish we could simply ignore.⁠

It will be worth it.⁠

You’ll feel lighter in the end.⁠

And that life that’s been knocking on your door will finally be able to come inside and hang out. ⁠