This is my “moving week” face (boxes! Boxes! Boxes!) This past weekend I moved out of “Miss Michigan”, the home that has housed the last 5 years of massive life renovation. This home has been my place to ground and recover from the many brave and humbling adventures of growth and expansion.

This home lovingly housed me as I navigated the fear, grief, and overwhelm associated with leaving one life (and marriage) to stepping into another. . .  one more deeply connected to MY divine truth and power. It was a BIG leap!

When I stepped inside Miss Michigan and closed the door each day, I knew she “had me” and I no longer had to be so strong or brave. This home has been my peaceful place to ground and recover from the heavy lifting of transformation.

She (yes, I’ve personified my home) taught and grew me so much. . .

She taught me about the need to ask for and receive help – because being a solo homeowner that isn’t very handy means there were some things I just couldn’t do on my own (because things like basement flooding and foundation issues are WAAAAAY out of my wheelhouse!)

She taught me about stepping more and more into a sense of empowerment and independence (do you know how challenging it can be to be a business owner on the roller coaster path of expansion AND qualify for a loan by herself?!).

She taught me how to fiercely defend and stand for and defend what’s mine when someone tried to break in several years ago (while my son was sleeping upstairs!). When I heard them at the window behind my sleeping head I found a fiercely protective voice that I had NEVER heard myself use before! Not. on. my. watch!!

She held SO much. . .

She held gatherings of amazing women, countless mornings of oracle card pulling and meditations, workshop planning that involved covering the floors with notecards and ideas, loads of feely convos, and movie nights with my son.

She held me as I invited more love into my life through adopting my sweet pup, the growth of dating, through finally connecting with my now husband, and through planning our wedding/ love fest last summer.

She’s held me through it ALL!. . . and as I honor and release this home that was a perfect fit for who I WAS, it now gives me space and freedom to call in a next chapter sense of “home” that’s a fit for who I am NOW. . . and even more importantly, to hold and support my family in our collective “becoming.”

You see, if we hold on to something just because it’s familiar we often risk missing out on authentic expansion . . . and while it’s not always easy, I’m committed to feeling the feels, gathering up my courage and leaping toward that next chapter, because I know that the Universe rewards courageous acts and aligned intention. . . and I’m ready to see what’s next!

So I ask YOU. . .

What are YOU holding tightly to that you’ve relied on for a sense of security? (a place, relationship, identity, belief, etc)

What has worked in the past, but feels like it may not be fully aligned for you anymore? (I bet you can think of something. . . even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself)

What’s keeping you from moving toward your “true home?” (remember, home is a feeling more than a place)

Here’s the thing. . . The Universe rewards the courageous acts, aligned intention and faith, loves.

And since courage is contagious, let’s ALL be brave and commit to releasing something that’s weighing us down so that we can to leap into new (and magical) possibilities TOGETHER.

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