Manifesting Relationship Magic: Holding a vision for what is possible and keeping the faith.

After my marriage ended I remember talking to people about my vision for partnership & conscious relationship. I was very content with my single life and my incredible tribe of friends + family, but I also hungered for a “gold standard of romantic partnership” (not a “perfect” relationship, but one deeply rooted in growth, BIG love, and vulnerable connection). I recall painting this picture to friends and family and witnessing several people respond with a kind, but doubting smile followed by a statement like “Do you really think that’s possible, Meghan?” I always chose to respond with something like “YES, I do. I may be 60+ years old before I find it, but I know I’m meant to experience a connection like that.”

If we don’t believe something is possible it is MUCH LESS likely that we will experience it. We often conjure the stories we carry. 

As I look back on the last several years of my life (and my journal pages) I see how I cultivated INTENTIONAL PRACTICES for holding the faith even when fear came on the scene, for clarifying my dreams and vision of what was possible even when my smallness wanted to take over, for releasing control & attachment to how and when it would all happen (scarcity + “grabby” energy prevents flow), and tools to consciously align and realign my energy toward this vision. 

I did the work to shed stories, grieve expectations, feel + honor all of the necessary feels, realign with new possibility, AND perhaps most importantly I consciously partnered WITH faith and the divine wisdom + energy of the universe (instead of fear) to co-create THIS magic!

Tapping into the benevolent, healing magic + wisdom of the Universe (mother nature, Spirit, Love, God or whatever flavor of “that” you buy into) is accessible to everyone. EVERYONE! It’s available, but often we need tools and practices to remember how to work WITH it (our minds, fears and conditioning often lead us astray).

Your most magical life is waiting, Loves.
What do you BELIEVE is possible?

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