Happy New Year! It feels so good to be in the “NEW” after SUCH a messy, brutiful and growthy 2018! I think we are all collectively wiping our brows after a marathon of challenge-induced personal growth in 2018! It was a “put your seatbelts on and strap in for the growthy realness” sort of year, for sure! Luckily, I’m already feeling some powerful shifts take place in my life and witnessing many in the lives of those around me. I’m feeling glimmers of rainbows and unicorns that want to prance into this next chapter, and am thrilled about the possibility and magic that seem to want to flow into our newly renovated and expanded Selves!
Speaking of magic, I took my son to see the new Mary Poppins movie over the weekend (OMG! SO good!) I grew up LOVING the original movie-and even danced around to the soundtrack. . .a lot!. . . on a freakin’ record! So, I have a sweet spot for Mary, and my son is in his school’s rendition of the musical this year. So along with him learning all of the words to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by showtime in March, it was clear to both of us that hitting up the new M.P. was a mom-son date that was going down as soon as possible!
Here’s the thing. . . I fully expected to enjoy the movie, but I didn’t expect to be profoundly moved by the movie! Tears, y’all! As I was sitting in the theater, feeling sweet tears of resonance roll down my cheeks, I realized something: Mary Poppins IS a practically perfect example of FIERCE LOVE!!! 
It hit me that the core essence of all of this Fierce Love stuff I’m passionately living into and spreading in the world is beautifully represented by good ole Mary Poppins! And as I watched the movie, I saw myself. I saw my clients. I saw a woman who was not only rooted in herself and in living the essence of supportive and boundaried love, but I also saw a strong and “together” woman who was also rooted in unwavering faith in possibility and MAGIC! Straight up magic! She blended structure, intention, and grounded awareness in the very real and messy human world – she had some rules, for sure! – WHILE ALSO dancing unapologetically in the realm of possibility, imagination, curiosity and magic. SHE is the expression of the whole-Self integration I talk about in my work! Mary Poppins IS “Practical Magic!”
You see, when talking to prospective clients about my work, I have now taken to using the term “grounded woo.” I lovingly use that term to describe the essence of how I bring a toolbox of grounded, realistic and human approaches to personal growth and transformation with a heaping side of well. . . “the woo” (and I use this term with reverence, not to diminish the otherworldly aspect of my life and work, as I know that sometimes it is used otherwise). 
We live in a world of either-or and black and white thinking, and most people I know are either trying really hard to control their human experience (leaving little room for imagination + magic) or trying to escape their human experience, because they are so tuned into the other realms and resent the hell out of this human messiness that we’ve all signed ourselves up for. (I mean why can’t life feel like that time I had the dreamy out of body experience on my yoga mat?!). BOTH options of that “either-or lens” are painful in their own ways. In one we are burdened by the oppressive anxiety of attempting to control our world (which is obviously impossible), and in the other there’s a resentment that we have to play this ridiculously petty and painful human game. When we learn to INTEGRATE BOTH approaches things change. We bring intention and aligned action to impact certain things, while surrendering to intuition and seeking support from higher knowing when we realize we are lost or need more support. We can work with the energies and laws of the universe that we can’t see (but certainly can feel – and we can unlearn how to ignore that sense) while ALSO using grounded skills and foundations to show up differently in relationships (both with ourselves and others) to TRULY heal and grow.
And THAT is the Practical Magic of Fierce Love.

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