What if we move away from the idea that New Years resolutions require some sort of harsh and uncomfortable deprivation and instead look at it as an investment, or some version of sacred “offering” toward our desired future? It feels like a subtle shift in language and intention, but trust me, the lens we use to view things makes all the difference! ⁠

From this place of heart-centered “offering”, I actually WANT to do the things that are best for me, and resolutions become authentic acts of love and aligned service rather than just piling on more rigidly oppressive rules. I’m good at following “rules” (#enneagramone) AND part of me also resents them when they feel too controlling or harsh. Let’s face it, most of us don’t like to be told what to do (even if it’s by our inner critic!). . . and resentment doesn’t help ANYONE move forward in a sustainable way.⁠

So this year I’m choosing not to use the lens of “giving things up”, but instead I’m choosing to move into this new decade aligning unapologetically and joyfully with choices that support my true desires and highest visions for my life. My resolutions have emerged from a place of deep listening and honoring. . . and guess what? Even though there are things that I’m not inviting into my life during the next several weeks, I’m still pretty excited about it, because I know with every cell of my being their absence is making more space for me to move toward the life I truly want. ⁠

I think it’s time to soften and let our hearts lead the path of change more than our inner critic or the need to control… it just works better that way.

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