Very Merry ALL of the things, to you! However you celebrate the season of light and love, I hope you found ways to connect, receive, relax, and enjoy some magic!

Sometimes navigating the holiday season can leave us feeling exhausted from trying to be so much to so many (gotta get that gift, really “should” to travel to see ____ and _____,  must get everything right for the party, need to get things in order at work so that I can attempt to relax on days off. . .holy. . . boatload. .  or stuff!!) With so much going on it can be difficult to actually ENJOY the time off and the true spirit of the season, right?!

As we all attempt to take a collective deep breath and set our sights on “getting back to real life” this week, I hope you find some sweet and sacred moments to come home to yourself. One of the most beautiful aspects of the holiday season is the focus on giving. It’s a time of sharing our love, time, and resources with others AND it’s also critical to make sure we still anchor in ourselves so that we stay centered and healthy. So, as we attempt to find some balance today – between self and other, between fast and slow, between work and play, between giving and receiving – it’s a great time to ask yourself the following:

What do I need?
Like REALLY, what do you need? Even if you don’t know the “how?” ask yourself what you’d want/ need if there were no rules or worries. The answer will give you a lot of information that can help you find something that you CAN do to satisfy that need.
(ex: I NEEEEEED to go on vacation and sit on a sunny beach with nothing to do = I need some warmth, comfort, ease, and a break without thinking/ doing)

What would nurture my Mind? Body? and Spirit?
What would help you recover right now? Do you need a healthy meal? (I know I feel like I need boatloads of veggies and water to help my body recover from all of my fun holiday splurging!) Do you need an hour by yourself after hosting guests to shut your brain down, tend to spiritual practice, to journal? Do you need to connect with someone who feels supportive and nurturing that you haven’t seen in a while? 

What will I do TODAY to honor my wants and needs?
It’s great to gain insight and clarity about what we need, but if we don’t take action, well. . . as I often say, “shit doesn’t change if shit doesn’t change.” So, I invite you to make a choice to take action and honor yourself in some way by DOing something to take care of yourself and your needs. It can be ANYTHING! Just the act of asking the question and taking action can be incredibly supportive in managing (or recovering) from stress and feeling more centered and resilient. 

YOU are the expert on what you need, and YOU are responsible for being the advocate of those needs. 

Now go on with your fabulous self and engage in some unapologetic self-love!!!

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