I ended up finding myself in a VERY relevant workshop yesterday at Shift Brain Integration all about the neuroscience of sabotage, abundance, and empowered manifesting. I mean. . . OF COURSE, right?! What else would I be doing on a Saturday morning?!  As I sat in the workshop I had several moments of “Ooooooh, so THAT’S why I’ve been intuitively doing that with clients and groups! And THAT’S what’s happening in the brain to support it!” So cool!

I’ve known for a while that using the body and focusing with ALL of the senses on what we DO want, what DOES work, and on intentionally conjuring the FELT SENSE of our desired future is hella effective (WAY more than focusing anxiously on what we don’t want). And NOW I have even more scientific foundation for WHY it works. So exciting! I mean, surely, I’m not the only one that geeks out over the overlap between real deal manifesting and neuroscience, right?!

So, here’s what I know about conjuring real deal life magic. . .

We have to FEEL our way to our dreams. 

Thinking isn’t enough, folks. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in my adult life I’ve tried to think my way to my desired future, hoped that a written mantra posted on my bathroom mirror would magically take me there, or felt like a big ole failure because I couldn’t just decide to change my deep seated (and f-ed up) beliefs about myself or what was possible. I’ve learned over the past several years that thoughts, mantras and intentions are a fabulous starting place for change, but that we MUST FEEL into those intentions, desires, and possibilities for our energetic body and brain to actually change. FEELING and connecting to the emotional and subconscious parts of our brain actually creates new neural pathways and TRULY changes limiting beliefs – not just on the conscious level, but also that deep place that can often feel beyond reach. 

When we move through the day FEELING different, our ENERGY changes. 

Think of a day when, for whatever reason, you felt like a Rockstar, supernova, badass, gorgeous being. You were on fiyaaaaaah! How did the world respond to you? Did you have some unexpected smiles from strangers? Did you seem to stumble upon random and magical possibilities or gifts? Did life feel like life was meeting you with greater ease? I bet so.

You see, when we create those new pathways in our deep emotional brain as well as our conscious thoughts, our energetic body changes and guess what. . . our shifted energy starts attracting different experiences, people, and possibilities into our lives that are more in alignment! Like waving a magic wand, folks.

I’m not into denying negative emotions or pretending to feel shiny and sparkly all of the time – THAT’S a prison and a surefire way to stay stuck. We really do have to bravely navigate and FEEL our way through certain blocks to land firmly on the other side of release and healing. However, in order to create the life we want, we must also create practices that support us in living into our sparkle more often than outdated and limiting stories. And when our brain learns to orient to possibility and empowered faith MORE than fear or old programming, well. . . MAGICALLY we start moving toward possibilities beyond what we could imagine.  

Fun note about manifesting: I often tell clients that “the Universe plays up,” meaning that when we lean into the FEELING we want to conjure in our lives, and RELEASE ATTACHMENT to what it will look like, the universe often conspires to create situations and scenarios that are even bigger and better than we could have constructed through our limiting beliefs and stories. And THAT is badass. 

There are grounded practices that support manifesting the life we want that are actually. . . wait for it. . .  FUN! 

Often personal growth and spiritual practices can take on a flavor of seriousness and hard work. For whatever reason, we have learned that focusing on something important means we have to stress about it and make it heavy. Being powerful creators of our lives can certainly be serious and require warrior level courage at times, but there are also many practices that move us toward our highest possibilities that are fun, enjoyable AND powerful.

Play is something that children instinctively know to be powerful medicine, for sure, but sadly that gets shut down pretty early in life for most of us. As adults, it is important to remember that we can recover this lost art. Often connecting to the core essence of play and fun – things like bringing an intention of spaciousness, non-attachment to outcome, and unapologetic out of the box exploration and dreaming – can be a potent medicine to shift out of uninspired stuckness AND to create our most wildly fulfilling (and yes, magical) life. 

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