I had done a LOT of personal and spiritual “work” before meeting my husband, and our connection has had an undeniably magical flavor from the beginning. . . AND conscious relationship always comes with healing intentions, so in the midst of the magic, there are consistent invitations for growth and healing.

You see, our love shines the light on those places within each of us that are still wounded, those parts of self that are unknowingly hiding or playing small, and those patterns that prevent us from opening our hearts fully to the love that is available to us. We shine the light on those dark places and love them. . . for and with each other.

Conscious relationship is humbling (because seeing and feeling our “shit” is never ever fun), yet the loving commitment that we share and the understanding that we so genuinely seek, of ourselves and each other, makes the healing SO powerful. It’s as if we get to wrap each other’s wounds in love so that they can FINALLY heal more fully.

When we learn to use our relationships as powerful teachers, to lean into vulnerable growth opportunities and actively change our patterns, our entire world changes, and THAT is pretty damn magical.

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