We’ve officially made it through another winter of “holy moly, hella growth and recalibration!!” We are moving through a period of time in the collective when many of us are being called forth (POWERFULLY) to courageously embrace who we really are and what we were really born to do in this lifetime. . . you know, light stuff (lol!)

There’s a lot to be said about how our collective growth mirrors the seasons. Winter tends to be a time of deep introspection, stillness, letting go, and rest so that we can energetically and emotionally prepare for the creation and blooming of the Spring! 

One of the things I’ve learned is that when we surrender to truly honor the cycles and seasons of our individual and collective growth (even if we don’t like it), things tend to evolve a LOT more smoothly. As with most things, fighting the natural order of things often creates more headaches than freedom (and I say this as someone who still has a tendency to resist most aspects of winter EVERY year!). I’m all “I’m introspective and introverted as my default, why do I need to amplify that stuff?! Geez!!” Aaaaand, I know that beyond my annual resistance is a deeper knowing that the insight gained and shedding of the old that happens every winter season is priceless and leads me closer to the life I truly desire and am meant to live. . . even if it isn’t my favorite flavor of growth.

So, as we move closer toward the seasons of warmth, growth, expansion, extroversion and creation, I invite you to ask yourself what do YOU want to create in your life? In your relationships? In your ability to live into your life purpose?

And with that, I also invite you to ask yourself what needs to be released, grieved and recalibrated to make space for what you desire. Release of the old and outdated makes space for newness (like an internal yard sale or something, right?!) Chances are you’ve been getting some clear signs lately (often through frustration and stuckness) about the patterns, relationships and beliefs that aren’t serving you any longer. Frustration often illuminates something that is outdated or that needs a makeover of some sort.

What would life look like if it was driven by your deepest desires, true essence, and purpose? It IS possible. . . you may simply need to clear out some of the old to make space for it.

Your most magical and fulfilling life is just dying to have the space to flow more freely to you! 

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