Doesn’t it feel like we are all being pushed into a collective “force quit” situation these days? Our daily to-dos and distractions are being removed like I’ve never seen before.  It’s like a divine assignment to slow down, take inventory (of our inner AND outer worlds), and to recover from the ridiculous intensity and pace of life that we’ve been living!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on how I’ve learned to navigate rest.  I’ve come to believe that rest is a sacred practice, but it’s still one that I can find myself resisting (because the hustle and the illusion of control and power can feel so addictive, am I right?!) In spite of my resistance, I’ve come to realize that with rest comes necessary recovery, greater clarity, and expansive wisdom necessary to create the next leg of the journey.

So I ask . . .

Is rest something you allow regularly? Or is it something that you only surrender to when forced through sickness or situations beyond your control? ⁠

Do you value and plan for rest? ⁠

What is YOUR history and current relationship with rest? ⁠

Our conditioning teaches us that we’re failing somehow if we aren’t always moving, effort-ing, producing and hustling, yet, I’ve learned (through LOTS of painful lessons in surrender and getting burned out by my own patterns of compulsive DO-ing) that in order to expand, grow and transform in the direction of our highest potential and greatest joy, we MUST also learn to value and embrace the natural and necessary part of the creation cycle that invites us to rest in stillness, gather our energy, and to go inward to that place where we can’t avoid ourselves. ⁠

What if rest is the very ingredient you need to finally grow those wings you’ve been longing for? ⁠

What if you trusted that a powerful pause would actually move you forward more efficiently than hustle, even if it feels counterintuitive? ⁠

Would that give you permission to stop fighting it so hard?⁠

Think about it this way – The caterpillar doesn’t just sprout wings because it gets tired of crawling slowly and decides that it would be cool to fly. It is the isolation, stillness, and rest that the magical creation of something new occurs. It is the time in the cocoon that is essential for complete and total transformation. ⁠

We are being invited into a time of collective pause and rest, and I can’t help but believe that it signals a long overdue chapter that is necessary so that we can all emerge as something more beautiful than we could have imagined. ⁠

And I’m excited to see what comes out of our current phase of “cocoon-ing”, aren’t you???

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