My mom sent me to a week-long social justice sleep away camp in high school (mind blowing at the time!) and I’ve spent my life and career continuing to learn how to go to difficult places within, to have hard conversations with others, to practice taking responsibility for my unintended impact, and to do my very best to be brave in life and love, so when I was asked to collaborate on a workshop on shifting patterns of White Fragility to empowering heart-centered badassery I was a big Y-E-S! This weekend I’ll be collaborating with Katie Hornowski , Terry Kozak and a few magical equine friends to support those who identify as white women in building a greater sense of courageous choice and resiliency to counter years of conditioned fragility. 

I had the opportunity several years ago to participate in a day of equine coaching and was BLOWN AWAY by the superpower that horses posses in efficiently reflecting things like misalignment and how we show up in the world. . . because often the way we show up with one thing is symbolic of the way we show up for most things. As I was in the ring yesterday connecting with our equine co-leaders I was amazed at how each one reflected patterns that I can overlook within 5 minutes!! Seriously! Horses DON’T allow b.s. or engage with disempowered energy. They invite clarity, empowerment, and alignment. . . always. When we SEE our blindspots and patterns around how we tend to show up in the world, we then gain clarity and have CHOICE about how we move forward.

Committing to living big love means also committing to countless humbling experiences and conversations. . . not to punish ourselves for not knowing what we “should have” or seeing what we were blind to, but to cultivate the necessary awareness, resiliency and courage to GROW ourselves beyond our unconscious conditioning toward our greatest visions for the world we DESIRE to build. And my oh my is it time to BUILD SOME NEW STRUCTURES, am I right?!

I’m so thrilled to bring my own humble, fiercely loving and ever-growing heart along with my big ole toolbox for navigating the gritty parts of sitting with truth + choice to support our brave-hearted workshop participants in moving toward expanded advocacy and lived love. IT. IS. TIME!

As of this moment, there is only ONE spot remaining for this Friday’s workshop, so take a peek at the flyer for our workshop: How Horses Can Help with White Fragility (click for pdf) and see if it calls to your courageous heart. Registration details are listed on the linked pdf.

We’d love to have you in the ring with us!


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