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Full Day Workshop on OCTOBER 10th 2020!

Many outwardly strong and “successful” womxn still navigate challenges in the boundaries department (let’s face it, we aren’t conditioned to be great at it.) This lack of strong, clear boundaries and deep investment in pleasing others over honoring the Self can be a painful, and often invisible, roadblock to desired flavors of connection, true empowerment, alignment with lived purpose, and authentic self-esteem. The good news is that we can ALL grow in the realm of boundaries, and when we commit to that growth, magic happens, relationships deepen, and we create more clarity, fulfillment, and empowering alignment than we ever knew possible.

More than anything, boundaries is a PRACTICE, meaning the theory of them will only take you so far. It’s when we try, fail, and push beyond our comfort zones that we truly grow in the direction of our authentic purpose and power. By spending the day growing with other womxn who are invested in practicing together, and in challenging their comfort zones to pursue greater empowerment, you will leave feeling seen and supported as well as lovingly challenged.


Full Day Equine Workshop:  I’m so excited to be partnering with Terry Kozak, a masterful equine specialist, for this workshop that will support participants in moving beyond the theory of boundaries and into the full embodiment of them. Horses require clean, clear, and empowered energy in order to participate in relationship, so they are incredible mirrors for where we have room to grow in the boundaries department. 10 minutes in the ring with a horse can be like months of coaching or therapy around boundaries because you can FEEL INTO your relationship with boundaries in the present moment instead of THINKING ABOUT them in a distant way. And when you FEEL into a new, more empowered way of BEing, life changes dramatically.

Heart-centered Badassery e-book: You’ll receive a copy of Meghan’s boundaries e-book to begin the process of reflecting on where you are and where you’d like to be in your relationship to boundaries.

Catered Breakfast & Lunch: Boundaries work can be challenging, so we want you to feel held and supported throughout the day. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy coffee, tea and light pastries upon arrival and a vegan, gluten-free lunch will be available on the open air patio for lunch.


Investment: $355


*As we believe in empowerment AND equity, a portion of the profit will be donated to Coaching For Everyone, a non-profit that provides complimentary coaching services to traditionally under-resourced populations.

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Only 6 spaces available to allow for an intimate experience and LOTS of time with the horses!


Fierce love was a heart opening and soul re-awakening experience. It helped me to believe in myself again and to regain understanding of what my purpose is here in this lifetime. Meghan is an incredible facilitator with a gentle but fierce way of assisting one in finding their power, path and truth. I am truly grateful and honored to have been part of this journey!


Massage Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner, Fierce Love Way group participant (Winter 2017)

After listening to our department needs and challenges, and explaining my desired outcome for her workshop as part of our Annual Sales Meeting, Meghan suggested the theme of “The Power of Presence: A powerful way of BEING in life.” She helped us understand what “presence” is, why it matters, and for those skeptics, used neuroscience to explain the connection between presence and successful relationships (personal and professional). She did a great job helping participants learn practical ways to practice the new skills in order to support a sense of well-being and professional success. It was wonderful to have someone, who is so knowledgeable and passionate about her work, provide us with this training to support both self-enrichment and professional goals.


Corporate Reservations Trainer, Canyon Ranch Resort, Tucson, AZ

Meghan’s grounded wisdom is rooted in decades spent in study and research and (most importantly) LIVED EXPERIENCE! This wise woman is the real deal and a living example of “practice what you preach.” Her loving and open presence is there with you as you embark on what may be your life’s most extraordinary journey yet. Whether you’re seeking a career change, a relationship shift, deeper connection with yourSELF, or just more clarity, she will empower YOU as you take the steps necessary to bring about the transformation YOU desire. She’s real. She’s honest. She’s edgy. She’s practical. And SHE’S MAGIC!


Yoga teacher & trainer


Holistic Life Leadership Coach

I'm a holistic life leadership coach, mom, intuitive empath, hip hop dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

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