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Introducing THE SCHOOL OF SACRED REBELLION COLLABORATORY, a 6 month community-fueled journey rooted in new leadership models & radical personal and collective transformation! (aaaaawwww yeah!)

If you’re feeling the call to up-level your life, work, relationships or lived purpose in the world, THIS program will help you move toward your visions. . . in a completely NEW (easier, more pleasurable, and supported) way!

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The School of Sacred Rebellion Collaboratory is NOT for you if:

You don’t feel like there’s anything really wrong in the world, regarding issues of patriarchy and white supremacy culture.

You aren’t ready to take radical responsibility for YOUR life.

You are more invested in “getting back to normal” than courageously “creating a new normal” on EVERY LEVEL – personal and collective.

You aren’t willing to navigate vulnerability and humility as pathways to empowering change. 


The Collaboratory is TOTALLY what you’ve been looking for if:

You are female identifying or non-binary (no dudes in this one, as this round of the Collaboratory is all about creating a space to play unapologetically with feminist principles!)

You’re being called to serve and align your life, relationships and work in new and expanded ways

You’ve got a LOT of new info floating around in your mind after the past year of introspection and challenge, but you haven’t fully figured out how to translate that insight and purpose into BIG passionate action.

You can get stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to moving forward with the tender and beautiful things that matter most to your heart – we’re talking deep desire, sacred values and life purpose stuff here.

You want more pleasure, joy and abundance in your life while ALSO standing fiercely for what matters (yes, BOTH can be embraced at the same time)


THE 6 MONTH JOURNEY BEGINS ON MAY 12TH 2021! (with the initial full group “Hive Call” on Wednesday, May 19th – yay!)

CURIOUS?! Click here to schedule a FREE call with me to see if it’s a fit!


what will you get?


Weekly community calls via zoom that will allow for co-inspiration, coaching and community fueled growth. *Calls will take place on Wednesdays.

Weekly emails with all sorts of growthy goodies to support the current theme. . .BUT not too much, as I know we’re all saturated these days – just the distilled good stuff in a simple format (no separate learning platform etc.) to support you most effectively! AND there will of course be fun stuff like monthly “mix tape” playlists with a soundtrack to fuel and support the themes we have cooking. We’re keeping the support strong and simple, but still fun and creative.

A package of growth-inspiring goodies + spiritual practice tools snail mailed to you in month 2 of the journey. Yay!! I did this with my last group and it was so special!

A 90 minute individual Quantum coaching deep dive session with me at some point during the journey to support you in balancing the unconscious “stuff” that may be keeping you stuck.

A fiercely loving community of support and inspiration that follows you far and beyond the actual program (y’all are going to fall in love with each other. . . because THAT’S the flavor of space + community I create! And THAT’S why it’s magical!)



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AND because I believe that diversity is an essential path to both community and individual wholeness, if you identify as BIPOC or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I joyfully invite you to participate in this program at the specially designed “Equity + Diversity Rate” (of $222/ month instead of the regular $444) This rate reflects both awareness of my unearned privilege and the immense value you bring to this paradigm-shifting experience.

If it speaks to your soul, you can sign up at that special rate HERE.


Need more info?! Feel free to email me with any questions at all, sign up for a free clarity call HERE!



Fierce love was a heart opening and soul re-awakening experience. It helped me to believe in myself again and to regain understanding of what my purpose is here in this lifetime. Meghan is an incredible facilitator with a gentle but fierce way of assisting one in finding their power, path and truth. I am truly grateful and honored to have been part of this journey!


Massage Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner, Fierce Love Way group participant (Winter 2017)

After listening to our department needs and challenges, and explaining my desired outcome for her workshop as part of our Annual Sales Meeting, Meghan suggested the theme of “The Power of Presence: A powerful way of BEING in life.” She helped us understand what “presence” is, why it matters, and for those skeptics, used neuroscience to explain the connection between presence and successful relationships (personal and professional). She did a great job helping participants learn practical ways to practice the new skills in order to support a sense of well-being and professional success. It was wonderful to have someone, who is so knowledgeable and passionate about her work, provide us with this training to support both self-enrichment and professional goals.


Corporate Reservations Trainer, Canyon Ranch Resort, Tucson, AZ

Meghan’s grounded wisdom is rooted in decades spent in study and research and (most importantly) LIVED EXPERIENCE! This wise woman is the real deal and a living example of “practice what you preach.” Her loving and open presence is there with you as you embark on what may be your life’s most extraordinary journey yet. Whether you’re seeking a career change, a relationship shift, deeper connection with yourSELF, or just more clarity, she will empower YOU as you take the steps necessary to bring about the transformation YOU desire. She’s real. She’s honest. She’s edgy. She’s practical. And SHE’S MAGIC!


Yoga teacher & trainer


Alignment & Empowerment Coach

I'm a coach, mom, intuitive empath, dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

PHONE: 828-337-9361