INTUITION: The ability to know or understand something instinctively, without conscious reasoning. A knowing rooted in feeling more than acquired outside knowledge or facts. 

I talk about (and am very guided by) intuition a LOT in my life and work these days, and it occurred to me that I haven’t written about what that REALLY means. You see, I have been a seeker my entire life – always drawn to spiritual books, teachers, and people that I believed were wiser and “more connected” than myself. I believed in that special flavor of wisdom, but didn’t feel like I carried that magic within. THAT sort of stuff was for “them.” I always had an awareness that I had pretty decent “gut instincts” to keep me out of trouble, but I assigned the term “intuitive” to people who I viewed as more fancy, special, and “connected” than I was. And while I’m sheepish to admit it, I also had assumptions about who “intuitives” were. . . and I didn’t wear earthy flowy clothing, study with Shamanic teachers in other countries regularly, talk in a yoga voice, meditate for hours a day, or listen to chants as soon as I woke up in the mornings, so. . . I was kinda out.  
It wasn’t until about 6 or 7 years ago that I finally started playing with the idea that I might actually BE intuitive. . . like those magical others I was drawn to for so long!! Whaaaat?!? Truth be told, I only started entertaining the idea after a ridiculous number of people reflected that truth back to me in various ways. I just FINALLY started hearing it. You see, it didn’t fit into my constructed identity of being a professional, grounded woman who could fit into the mainstream without being “weird” or different, so I simply didn’t hear it! And it kinda freaked me out to step out of my carefully constructed identity! Our egos are powerful protectors when it comes to fitting in and staying the same, and I was really good at fitting in and blending in because I had learned very early on that it made me feel “safe” in the world. It’s amazing how we can be blinded to truth when it’s buried beneath protective mechanisms that create an illusion of safety. 
Once I opened to the possibility that I might just be able to tap into the divine wisdom + magic that these other people carried, the journey changed. It straight up changed! I started collecting bits and pieces from my interactions with these intuitive people and from the spiritual and “magical” experiences I was having in the world, and I started curiously integrating and playing with it in my own life. I began asking myself questions like “What do I know to be true?” (instead of feeling like direction and deeper knowing lived outside of myself.) I started playing with various divination and oracle tools to see what I felt and what meaning or guidance I derived from it. I started viewing my urges, desires, and hunches as powerful indicators pointing toward truth and my highest good. I started ALLOWING intuition to be a part of my life. 
I began to believe that the divine guidance that these “magical and special others” seemed to have might be available to me too!  I leaned into the idea that I could be my own wise oracle in times of confusion or challenge. THAT was empowering! Since then, the process has taken on a life of its own and has continued to unfold. I still seek out external guidance + reflection from others when I need it, but the big difference is that I now see them as people who can reflect the things I’m blocked from seeing – NOT that they know more or better than I do. We ALL carry divine knowing within. . . it just gets easily blocked by our egos, fears, rules, and conditioning. 
The really cool thing about intuition is that it isn’t something you have or don’t have. Cultivating an intuitive sense is like working a muscle – when we don’t use or honor it, it atrophies, making its guidance harder to hear. When we DO consciously and curiously tune in, practice listening (because it IS a practice), and dare to honor it in our lives, it gets stronger, and we have more and more access to it. We live as our own magical oracle! How f-in cool is that?!?

Are YOU ready to claim your wisdom and intuition as the powerful oracle that it is? It’s waiting. . .  

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