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Meghan O’Malley, MS
Alignment & Empowerment Coach
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So what is Fierce Love?

Fierce Love is a way of living and loving that starts with the awareness that. . .

Most of us learn early on to look outside of ourselves for answers to who we are, and more important, who we “should” be – so others will like us; so we can be successful, so we can fit in. (and trying to keep up with all of those “shoulds” gets exhausting, right?!)

We become masters of fitting in and eventually lose touch with the magic of who we really are. Before we know it, we’re adults going through the motions of life, carrying a nagging sense that something is missing, and experiencing a deep longing for something more. We may fool others, but we never really fool ourselves, so we suffer and we pretend.

That’s where Fierce Love comes in. Fierce Love is about making the brave shift toward looking inward for answers and wisdom instead of buying into the idea that they only live outside us. It’s about unearthing who we really are – and then digging into the courage, grit, and heart-centered ferocity to chart our own course toward a life of truth. It’s about leaping toward truth even when it seems scary or inconvenient (as it often is!). Committing to ourselves in this way often requires navigating the inherent discomforts of change, loss, or entering the unknown, but you’re MUCH stronger than you think (trust me on this one), and it’s worth it because living our unique truth feels like peace and freedom.

Fierce Love isn’t always easy or comfortable. But it’s worth it, because living our unique truth offers each of us a path toward peace, freedom, and genuine happiness. I believe that when people are courageous enough to listen to themselves and love themselves (even the messy parts), magical possibilities in life and relationships become available.



Here’s what I want for you…

For you to be able to own, without apology or filter, your inherent worthiness, wisdom, courage, and power.

To cultivate an unapologetic love, curiosity, and appreciation for ALL parts of your authentic self… and compassion for the challenging or messy parts.

To cultivate a sense of appreciation, compassion and love for your body and all of the intuitive wisdom it offers.

To be able to move through life enjoying a sense of deep, fulfilling connection in your most significant relationships.

To live a life of purpose, joy, and love beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you brave enough to want that for yourself?

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Workshops + Groups

I LOVE bringing people together to learn and grow. Things become possible in groups that aren’t possible in one on one work.

I believe we can learn about ourselves powerfully when we connect deeply with others. Seeing others and being seen by them can teach us a lot about truth.


The Fierce Love Way:
Coaching for a life of TRUTH, PURPOSE, POWER & CONNECTION.

Fierce Love Coaching is a FOUNDATIONAL and TRANSFORMATIONAL way of approaching life.
It can be especially empowering when navigating important life transitions. We have the opportunity to find power and wisdom using this approach.

“Meghan is the voice you didn’t know you needed, to find the one inside your head (and heart)

trying to talk to you.”


Alignment & Empowerment Coach

I'm a coach, mom, intuitive empath, dancer, and personal growth junkie.  I LOVE my work, I LIVE my work, and am passionate about inspiring people to step into their most authentic selves in order to create their best lives.

PHONE: 828-337-9361